Our specialist team work with people who have serious physical injuries, chronic pain, head injuries, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and sexual difficulties. Some members of the team work with people who have experiences such as sexual abuse or drug and alcohol problems. Whatever the problem, our objective is to find our clients the right member of the team to help them with their difficulties.

At Talkingpoint we offer an assessment and treatment service that is focused on the needs and the goals of the client. All treatments are monitored to ensure the best outcome.

All of our Psychologists are registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board. They have ongoing professional supervision and attend professional training. You can read about them under our clinicians section on this website.

We provide the following clinical psychology services :

Our team is very experienced working with most psychological problems. The best way to find out if we can help you with your difficulties is to contact us for a free confidential discussion. We encourage General Practitioners to talk to us about their clients to see if we can provide assistance (Contact Us)

For ACC Case Managers and General Practitioners, Talkingpoint is registered to provide the following contracted services.

ACC Psychological Services: Our team works with clients who have developed psychological problems following a physical injury. This may include problems with depression or anxiety, post traumatic stress or difficulties adjusting to changes bought about by the physical injury. This may include working with people individually or along side family members.

ACC Neuropsychological Services: For people who have sustained a brain injury a neuropsychological assessment helps by assessing the impact of the injury of a person's day to day functioning. This includes assessing their short and long term memory, concentration, attention, and planning and decision making abilities as well as any changes to their personality. Often it is helpful for clients, their family and employer to understand what impact the injury has had and how new strategies can assist them with their difficulties.

ACC Pain Psychological Services: This contract works specifically with people who have ongoing pain as a result of their physical injury. The psychologist will help the client learn about their pain and look at ways of managing this and the changes it can cause to their day to day life. Often the psychologist will work with a client, their physiotherapist, General Practitioner and Pain specialist.

ACC Diagnostic and Assessment Treatment: ACC Case Managers at the Sensitive Claims Unit in Wellington ask our team to provide independent assessments for clients receiving sexual abuse counselling. The aim of this assessment is to help ACC ensure that the client is getting the right help.

Ministry of Social Development (WINZ) and Hauora Primary Health Organisation Psychology Scheme: This initiative is aimed at providing psychological assistance to people on sickness and invalids benefits that have problems with depression, anxiety or stress. The team works to help people improve their mental wellbeing and along side WINZ Case Managers assist them back into the workforce. Following an initial assessment with one of the team, clients can access up to six free sessions.